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Taste Machine stirs up a melting pot of diversity, culture, and ideology; and pours out music with deep, sultry grooves, genuine lyrics and catchy melodies.  While firmly rooted in Funk and R&B, the Taste Machine sound includes elements of psychedelic rock, traditional blues, folk, gospel, jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Jamaican music.  Each member of the band comes from a markedly different cultural and musical background, and it is the bonding together of these differences that gives Taste Machine its appeal.  Based out of San Diego, their live shows feature passionate, head turning improvisations that feed off a connection to the audience.  Taste Machine plays Music to Move With, that will hit you right in your soul!

Ricky Giordano (Guitar/Vocals)
Chris Duvall (Bass)
Mario Hubbard (Drums/Vocals)

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